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Homoeopathy is a complete system of medicine that can be used both to maintain your health and cure disease; not just removing the signs and symptoms of ill health, but also dealing with the underlying cause.

Homoeopathy aims to restore an individual’s health to a level where they are no longer dependent on medicines or therapy.  Patients often find that their state of health and sense of well-being are dramatically improved.

Symptoms of illness are seen as the body’s automatic efforts to heal itself, and, as such, the homoeopath can use them to select a remedy which will help your body to heal itself.  The remedies do this as quickly and gently as possible, without the side-effects and toxicity often associated with conventional medications.

Homoeopathy uses the smallest amount of remedy possible to effect a cure.  The remedies stimulate the individual’s own healing processes in a powerful way and need to be treated with respect.

Caroline Hannam

is Sweet Thyme’s homoeopath